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     Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Best Practice?

A Best Practice is a process, technique, or innovative use of resources that has a proven record of success in providing significant improvement in cost, schedule, quality, performance, safety, environment, or other measurable factors which impact the health of an organization.
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How much does it cost to participate?

There is NO charge associated with participating in the BMP program. The use of BMP resources (e.g., software, web site, and documents) is free.
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How is BMP Funded?

The BMP Enterprise is funded by programs and companies that retain us for Systems Engineering support, Risk Management support, or who use our Web Technologies CWEs. A portion of this funding is used to develop or improve BMP's core technologies, such as the Program Manager's Work Station (PMWS). These core technologies help enable the U.S. industrial base to lower acquisition cost and improve product price, quality, and delivery.
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What is a BMP survey?

Voluntary, on-site surveys are conducted on organizations that request to take part in the BMP program and are willing to share non-proprietary processes and practices with others. BMP surveys are NOT audits, but rather an opportunity for an organization to showcase its best practices and have them evaluated by an independent team of experts. These practices are then published in a BMP Survey Report and entered into the BMP Database. The actual exchange of information is between organizations at their discretion.
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Is BMP only for manufacturing companies?

No. BMP realizes that best practices come from anywhere and invites organizations from all types of business areas to participate.
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How can my organization host a BMP survey?

The first step in the Survey Process is the request. Direct your written request on company letterhead to:

Director, Best Manufacturing Practices Program
4321 Hartwick Road, Suite 400
College Park, MD 20740
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How can I contact a BMP representative in my area of the country?

The BMP Program has established eight regional Satellite Centers around the country. For the location and contact information of the nearest Satellite Center, click here.
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How do I get to the BMP Center of Excellence?

The BMP Center of Excellence is located in College Park, MD just north of Washington, DC. A local area map and directions are available online.
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How can I access the Program Manager's WorkStation (PMWS) software tools?

The PMWS software tools are available at no charge. They can either be run on-line or downloaded from the BMP web site.
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How can I receive hard copies of BMP survey reports?

If you would like to receive printed copies of BMP survey reports as they are published, please click here to be added to the mailing list. If you would like to request a specific survey report, contact BMP Distribution with your request.
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How can I change or remove my address from your mailing list?

To change or remove your address, contact BMP Distribution For changes, please include both the old address and new address.
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